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Concord Crush Youth Lacrosse COVID-19 Safety Policy Spring 2021
by posted 04/09/2021

Concord Crush Youth Lacrosse is committed to providing a safe and fun playing and practice environment for players this year. In order to do this we will be following the CDC Return to Sports Guidelines for the 2021 season.

General Safety Protocols:
 1) Coaches and athletes will wear masks and/or face coverings at all times while on the sidelines. In some instances, athletes may be required to wear masks and/or face coverings DURING competition.
 2) Personal bags/belongings will be placed appropriately on the sideline with 3 FEET of spacing.
 3) Coaches and athletes will maintain safe social distancing whenever possible, and especially when there is a stoppage of play during practice and/or game play.
 4) Masks must be put on before entering the fields.
 5) Coaches and athletes will wear masks upon entering sideline area(s) when coming off the field. Masks may be removed when subbing into the game.
*If a visiting team requires masks during game play, CCYL will comply with the opposing team’s masking requirement.
 6) Families, Parents/Guardians and Spectators agree to comply with recommended CDC social distancing (at least 3 FEET) and wear mask and/or face coverings when on the sideline during
practices and games.
   ● There will be a limit of 2 spectators per participant at home games in Concord.
   ● Rundlett Field: Per the Concord School District, parents need to remain in their cars during practice time
   ● CCYL will comply with all requirements when visiting in regards to social distancing, mask wearing and spectator limitations.

 7) There will be no sharing of equipment during practices and/or games (except for game/practice balls). All shared equipment should be properly cleaned and disinfected during and after use.
 8) Families and athletes will immediately exit the field and/or facility of use.
 9) Families and athletes will not congregate following practices and/or games.
 10) Families and athletes will clean/disinfect all uniforms, apparel, and equipment immediately after practices and/or games (this includes all lacrosse equipment to the best extent possible).
 11) Athletes will bring their own bottles and water. Personal water bottles shall not be shared with other athletes.
 12) There shall be no sharing of food among athletes.
 13) Avoid close contact such as handshaking, fist bumping or hugging
 14) Teams should arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to game play.
Screening Process for all Participants:
Prior to stepping on the field, athletes, coaches, referees and volunteers must answer “no” to the following questions:
   ● Had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last fourteen (14) days (or any other communicable disease such as MRSA or Influenza);
   ● Exhibits any symptoms of COVID to include, but not limited to:
   ● Fever or chills
   ● Cough
   ● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
   ● Fatigue
   ● Muscle or body aches
   ● Headache
   ● New loss of taste or smell
   ● Sore throat
   ● Congestion or runny nose
   ● Nausea or vomiting
   ● Diarrhea
     Note: If one of our coaches or assistant coaches has a good faith belief that your child is exhibiting symptoms of a cold, illness, or is exhibiting health issues that raise concern, thatcoach or assistant coach will have the right to ask your athlete not to participate in the practice and/or game.
     In the event of a positive COVID case or Close Contact, Parents will notify the president of CCYL and the player's head coach upon learning of a positive covid test as soon as possible. CCYL will follow the current CDC and NH DHHS guidelines regarding contact tracing and quarantine. If the player practiced or attended a game with his/her team in the 72 hours preceding the onset of symptoms or a positive test, the team will cancel practices and reschedule any games for the following 7 days.
For additional additional information, please refer to
COVID-19 Vaccine:
     An individual is considered fully vaccinated when they have received 2 doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 1 dose of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine, and a full 2 weeks has occurred since the last dose was given.
Any individual, whether vaccinated or not, who exhibits Covid-19 symptoms is required to isolate and seek out Covid-19 testing. Any CCYL athlete, coach or volunteer would need to remain home until a negative test result is received.
     Any individual who is fully vaccinated that has been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 positive case does not need to quarantine provided they are NOT exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19. You should continue to monitor your health for 10 days post exposure to a confirmed Covid-19 case, and if symptoms arise you would be required to quarantine and your child would need to be excluded pending your negative Covid-19 test result.
     Any symptoms that are present within 2 days of getting the Covid-19 vaccine would be considered side effect reactions rather than Covid-19 symptoms of concern and therefore pose no issue with an athlete, coach or volunteer attending CCYL events
     Should symptoms continue beyond the 2 day period, with no signs of improvement, the symptoms would then be considered potential Covid-19 symptoms and the individual would need to quarantine and be tested for Covid-19. The athlete, coach or volunteer would need to remain at home until your negative test result was obtained.
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